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Don't just know the basics! Summer also has these fashionabl

This year, the dress of enfold design fire, enfold type jacket to also have multiplex glamour and enfold skirt to be same, what the coat of enfold type is the most outstanding is to accept waist design, can highlight beautiful waist line, very show a figure

The neckline of deep V can create a sense of extension, which not only makes the face look smaller and more delicate, but also makes the neck look longer and less sexy in elegance

If you add some falbala elements, each type jacket was then many a put on a lovely, lower body is tie-in a skinny jeans, swing garments more show a nifty.
Each languid is lazy along with the gender style, flat and agile thy skirts, this combination is not only can spin and proportion, more deep V sexy properly.
The waist belt is the most common style, can highlight the figure, and stereotypes to sweep a shirt, very suitable for white-collar daily commute.


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