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How to wear a flowery skirt to be fashionable? I can wear a

Summer is a colorful season, all kinds of printing effects, especially the flower skirt, it is the most suitable for the item in the summer Some pony up to may feel that the design and color is not good control of large area, easy to look messy and vulgar But, just remember to use plain coloured blouse to flower skirt collocation, no matter who can easily dress pretty

There's no doubt that the most popular dress this summer is the wrap dress, except the one-piece tea skirt. The design that cuts sliver to thigh, soft and beautiful small broken flower, need a plain T shirt only, simple collocation also can romantic amorous feelings

Even if want more outstanding color, also do not choose the design of heavy and complicated in the upper body or design, easy appear disorderly, and destroy original temperament to try bold color, for example this set of yellow and red collocation, bright eye is delicate


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